Dynamic & Architectural Lighting

Inside and out, architectural lighting is intended to highlight your building’s features and provide the ideal level and type of light for users. Outside lighting can be used to accentuate the building’s architectural form, make the building more attractive, and enhance security in the surrounding public space, which often serves as a gathering place. Dynamic outdoor lighting can be used to vary the intensity and colour of the building’s illumination, creating a true light signature at night.

Interior architectural lighting comes in different forms for different venues—museums, theatres, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.—requiring specific lighting types, levels and moods. Recently, interior lighting has also become dynamic. It can gradually vary in intensity from warm to cool, recreating natural sunlight throughout the day and giving users the benefit of a constant stream of light therapy, leading to noticeably enhanced performance.

The advent of LED technology has led to eco-friendly lights that offer long life for good value. We provide lighting solutions that blend in with buildings and their urban backdrop. We can work with architects to design and integrate lighting right from the building design stage or add lighting to existing buildings. Our specialists have several heritage building lighting projects under their belts that required particular care to preserve the architectural integrity of the edifice.

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