Intelligent transport systems (its)


XYZ Technologies has built a solid expertise over the years in the integration, maintenance and repair of intelligent transportation equipment. We are committed to select the equipment that adheres the best to the latest advancements in information and communication technologies in the transportation field. Our team consists of certified technicians, industry specialists and rigorously selected partners to ensure superior quality work in line with the market standards.

With this teams of experts, we are able to accurately assess your needs and understand the operational challenges you face. We prioritize safety and costumer satisfaction above all else. Feel free to contact us so we can assist you in achieving your goals.


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Each of our mandates for the integration, installation, and programming of intelligent transportation systems is designed to address your needs from A to Z. We take care of finding the necessary equipment for your project, the installation, and programming. Additionally, our team holds a general contractor license, ensuring that every aspect of your project is professionally managed and compliant with required standards. With our expertise, we can offer you the best equipment on the market.

XYZ offers a turnkey service, handling the preparation of all necessary plans and specifications for your project. We also take care of the telecommunications section of each document. Additionally, a project manager specialized in this field will ensure compliance with standards and specific requirements for each of your projects, as well as procuring specialized ITS equipment for your project. If needed, we also maintain a pool of subcontractors across all trades to complement our team of experts.

Our team stands out for its commitment to safety, efficiency, and reliability. We are ready to tackle complex challenges related to the creation of robust display systems, capable of handling large amounts of real-time data while ensuring seamless and precise communication.

In each of our intelligent transportation system projects, our team deploys cutting-edge technological solutions to ensure an efficient and high-performance service. This includes dynamic displays to provide information to customers, variable message signs, detection systems and voice broadcasting systems for clear and precise announcements.

We also integrate (SAEIV)  equipment inside buses, including display, broadcasting, and tracking devices to ensure a smooth travel experience and we implement robust telecommunication systems to enable reliable and instantaneous communication.


XYZ Technologies has solid expertise gained over several years in the maintenance and repair of intelligent transportation equipment, such as surveillance cameras, variable message signs, audio diffusion systems, telecommunication equipment cabinets, and service centers.

Our team is trained to work alongside railways and highways. They are also trained in quality standards related to onboard equipment. Our team always adheres to health, safety, and environmental standards in railway and road environments. We are aware of the constraints related to execution deadlines and tasks that require rigorous time management.

XYZ offers a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to our operational call center. We are always ready to respond to your requests, no matter the time of day.

XYZ’s team has implemented a preventive maintenance program that ensures your peace of mind by optimizing the lifespan of your devices and all your installations.

Moreover, the program allows us to establish an inventory of the state of your equipment, to quickly identify critical components requiring particular attention and to determine when maintenance must be scheduled.

As a matter of fact, we perform maintenance on the following equipment:

  • Surveillance camera systems
  • Variable message signs
  • Access management devices
  • Audio diffusion systems
  • Devices required for service centers

Types of transports

XYZ Technologies stands out for its high level of knowledge and skill in designing innovative and tailormade solutions to meet the specific requirements of various modern modes of transportation.

We are attentive to the needs of users and are committed to contributing to their well-being.

The development of efficient display systems for intelligent transportation services is crucial to ensure smooth and reliable communication of essential information to users. In the airport sector, our team is committed to offer you dynamic display solutions and equipment for flight schedules as well as any other essential information for travelers, in addition to audio diffusion systems.

XYZ teams is here to assist you in integrating SAEIV systems.  We handle the installation, configuration and maintenance of all necessary equipment inside buses.


We understand the importance of providing real-time information on traffic conditions, transportation schedules and disruptive events to allow users to plan their trips optimally. With us by your side, local authorities and transportation operators can benefit from highly efficient display systems, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Service contract

The XYZ Technologies service contract is a guarantee towards the optimal functioning of your ITS installation.

The contract guarantees swift, simple and effective solutions the moment you need them, or even before. It’s an efficient way to save time, money and stress over the life of your installation.

The preventive maintenance program is included in all service contracts and equipment installations. Designed to ensure the optimal performance of your system, each program includes predictive, preventive and corrective measures carried out at regular intervals by our trained and certified personnel. These maintenance measures cover cleaning, checking and running diagnostics for possible defects in your equipment, allowing us to troubleshoot and fix any problems well before they become disruptive or irreparable.

Following our service contract protocol can help you avoid emergency repairs, which generally cost more than regular maintenance.  Sidestepping these unplanned expenses will make operational budget planning more dependable and straightforward, saving you money in the short and long term.

The XYZ Technologies service contract includes:

  1. Management of the manufacturer’s guarantee for one (1) to five (5) years
  2. Labour for installation and set-up
  3. Shipping and handling of defective equipment at no extra cost
  4. Emergency 24/7 service
  5. Priority/partner service
  6. Unlimited service calls
  7. One (1) preventive maintenance visit and one (1) status report for your system per year
  8. Temporary equipment lending as needed
  9. One (1) training session per year
  10. Firmware updates to optimize equipment