Architectural Lighting System in Old Quebec

Exterior Dynamic Architectural Lighting

Quebec City Marriott Downtown

Quebec City, Quebec, 2019

The Marriott hotel is located in the heart of Place d’Youville, one of the most popular public squares in Quebec City. The hotel called upon XYZ Technologies to update the building’s high-pressure sodium vapour lighting system and incorporate LED projectors. The LED system makes it possible to control lighting intensity and colour while generating major energy savings.


The renewal of the lighting system made it possible to install six projectors on each of the front columns and adapt the settings to take prevailing weather conditions and the changing seasons into account. Moreover, the remote programming function makes it easy to adapt the displays to certain seasonal (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) and other themes (Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

The dynamic technology has modernized the hotel’s appearance while enhancing its elegance and sophistication. The remote-controllable closed-loop system lets operators change the display colours with ease. An astronomical calendar and the geographical coordinates of the control system mean that the projectors automatically turn on and off according to daylight hours. In addition, to save energy and facilitate operations, the system has been programmed to shut down at a set time every night.

Set up in less than three days within a reasonable budget, the new lighting system at the Marriott has lent the building a fresh new look that highlights the beauty of the exterior.


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Quebec City Marriott Downtown


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