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Interrogation rooms

Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks

Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec, Canada, 2018

The training and development centre of the Ministry of Forests allows wildlife protection officers in Quebec to perfect the practical and theoretical knowledge of their profession. To improve the quality of teaching, the centre’s administrators wanted to develop new equipment for interrogation rooms. The experts at XYZ Cultural Technology have provided and installed an audiovisual recording system.


XYZ specialists have equipped four interrogation rooms for students. These all have the same configuration: a camera in a corner of the ceiling allows a video capture of the agent and the person interviewed and a discreet microphone is hanging above the table to obtain a quality audio recording. In the adjacent room, people can view the interrogation in real time. From the moment someone enters the interrogation room, the audiovisual recording starts automatically. The system has been programmed to get a perfect synchronization between the audio and the image. While the recording of the conversation is triggered, the content of the interrogation is directly archived on a USB key. Students can view their practices, while teachers correct them.

Thanks to the redesign of interrogation rooms, teachers and students have access to high-end training equipment. The recording of these exercises allows them to conduct surveys, so they are ready to fight against poaching and thus raise public awareness of the protection of fauna and flora.


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Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks


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