Corporate Audiovisual Solutions

Customized Audiovisual Integration

Green Cross Biotherapeutics

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2016

Korean multinational Green Cross chose to locate its North American subsidiary in Montreal. Nearly 175 employees work at the ultramodern plant, which manufactures state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical products. With offices in over a dozen countries, the company’s employee telecommunication requirements are considerable. The plant’s administrators wished to also provide connected spaces that promote internal communication. They called on XYZ Cultural Technology to install audiovisual equipment in the common areas, including the cafeteria, the boardroom and several smaller conference rooms.


XYZ Cultural Technology designed and integrated the videoconferencing system in the boardroom. It includes a concealed projection system set in a retractable motorized module, a flexible retractable screen, a flush-mounted camera, a six-loudspeaker sound system programmed for audio optimisation, gooseneck microphones with suspension shock mount, and a desktop control system with a touchscreen. In addition, four smaller conference rooms were equipped with 65-inch screens with desktop control systems.

XYZ’s technicians installed three more 65-inch screens in the plant’s cafeteria. They also put in an ambient sound system comprised of ten ceiling loudspeakers, a podium with a wireless microphone, and an integrated wall-mounted control console.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control systems