Outdoor Video Show

Immersive Multimedia Environment

Beach Palace

Cancun, Mexico, 2007

A 15m-wide video screen set up alongside the hotel’s outdoor pool uses state-of-the-art multimedia equipment to create an unforgettable atmosphere for hotel clients who choose to spend the evening outdoor. Original video creations offer visitors stunning entertainment that changes nightly in a breathtaking décor. Behind this screen lies the sea in all its splendour.


At the end of the evening, the screen and all the technology vanish, stored within architectural elements so that hotel guests can enjoy the spectacular seaside view. Clients at the hotel bar can also watch the multimedia shows through the bar’s giant window, with the soundtrack redirected from the poolside towards the bar.

Numerous companies use this exceptional infrastructure to host corporate events.

Content Production

Moment Factory


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Rigging
  • Stage design


Audio-visual design, set design and lighting
Project management and technical direction
Programming and calibration




Moment Factory / XYZ