Experiences Relating to Energy

Exhibitions and Multimedia Show

Cité de l'énergie

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada, 2009

XYZ produced three experiences relating to energy at La Cité de l’énergie in Shawinigan. Two of these experiences, The Ages of Energy and Stories from our Lives, are permanent exhibitions. The third experience is a multimedia show called Energia: The Soul of the Earth.


The Ages of Energy
For centuries, fire, wind, water, and physical strength have been our only means of energy. Subsequently, new inventions have completely changed our lives. This permanent dynamic exhibition of interactive journey sheds light on energy issues that have dominated the news worldwide!

Stories from our Lives
Stories of experienced dreams, humble daily efforts of exceptional prowess or simple happy moments… this exhibition tells the story of the city of Shawingan, through a journey that incorporates impressive auditory and visual installations.

Energia: The Soul of the Earth
Sit comfortably and get ready… all of your senses must be on the lookout! Through the use of a turntable and a multitude of sensory effects, a shaman from the depths of the ages guides visitors. They explore the trail of the spark’s energy that releases the magic of fire and propels us to the heart of the huge explosions that shook the cosmos, through the unbridled forces of nature and the beginning of life.






General contractor
Audiovisual, scenic and lighting design
Project management ,Technical management
On site installation
Programming and system tuning


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Stage design