Simplified Collaborative Work

Collaborative Workspaces

HEC Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2016

HEC Montreal is the oldest business and administrative school in Canada. Prestigious institution of higher education; it ranks amongst the best management schools in North America. Despite its venerable age, it provides its 13,000 students places of learning constantly renewed. Wishing to improve the collaborative workspaces of its main building, the school administrators have called upon the XYZ experts to integrate a wireless information sharing solution. The operative word being: the technologies had to be user-friendly and integrated into the architecture in a discreet way.


The XYZ specialists have provided a collaborative wireless workflow solution in five locations: a multifunction room (classroom or of training), two closed meeting rooms and two open workplaces. The multifunction room was enhanced by three projectors placed in motorized ceiling brackets to ensure the uncluttered character of the premises is taken under consideration.

Each user of the collaborative spaces benefits from a simple and user-friendly platform, on which one can connect any computer, tablet or mobile phone via the ‘’Wireless Media’’ network. Screens or projectors broadcast the content chosen by the participants from an easy-to-use module. Up to four screens can be shared. Users stream videos, share files, annotate and edit other people’s documents as needed.

With the introduction of the friendly-to-use and safe ‘’Wireless Media’’ at the HEC Montreal’s main pavilion; collaborative work has been greatly facilitated. The technological solution is at the disposal of the users and its simplicity to use makes for a fast embrace.


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Equipment supply
Calibration and programming


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HEC Montreal