Multidisciplinary community hall

Complete Audiovisual System

Kattitavik Hall

Kuujjuarapik, Nunavik, Canada, 2017

Kuujjuarapik is a village of 1,517 inhabitants located on the Hudson Bay, on the southern border of Nunavik, in northern Quebec. The village is unique since it is inhabited by two communities, Cree and Inuit. Wishing to revitalize the region and support the cultural life of the community, the government of Quebec financed the construction of a multifunctional community centre named Kattitavik Hall (meeting place) in the heart of the village. Under the direction of Blouin Orzes Architects, Scéno-Plus consultants have called upon the services of XYZ to provide a fully scalable audiovisual system as well as installation and programming.


XYZ experts ensured the installation of a complete audiovisual system to meet all the Kattitavik Centre’s usage needs, including a videoconferencing system with screen and video projector. The auditorium has been equipped with a console, loudspeakers and show lighting. In addition, the team provided all the sound for the centre, including an intercom system, the equipment of a recording studio and a simultaneous translation system. XYZ has ensured the programming of the system, in addition to training the staff for its use.

A grand prize for design has been awarded to Blouin Orzes Architects for this project.

Photos credit: Blouin Orzes Architectes

Architectural Design

Blouin Orzes Architectes


Equipment supply
Programming and calibration


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting


Kativik Regional Government


Scéno Plus