Light and Sound at Lahaina

Exterior Scenic Equipment

The Feast at Lele

Lahaina, Hawaii, USA, 2016

The Feast at Lele is a luau, a traditional Hawaiian dinner show held on the beach, that is nearly sold out seven days a week. In order to modernize their offering, the entertainment company’s owners decided to upgrade and update their theatre equipment. XYZ Cultural Technology was mandated to design, supply and install an audio-visual system that could withstand the maritime climate. XYZ also programmed the audio content and lighting for the colourful show.


Lahaina’s heavenly climate is a challenge for the installation of audio-visual equipment, especially if it is to be permanent. To accommodate a show that runs daily, XYZ designed a sturdy system that can withstand the maritime air, rain and wind.

The lighting consists of 74 Elation Scene lighting fixtures and the sound system relies on 6 Meyer Sound loudspeakers.


  • Audio
  • Lighting


Audiovisual system design
Programming and calibration
Technical direction


The Feast at Lele