Modernization of conference rooms

Audiovisual equipment

Eidos Montreal

In Montreal, many businesses are greatly evolving in an environment strongly stimulated by technology progress. The Canadian metropolis is often mentioned when it comes to virtual reality and video game development. When one of those businesses decide to choose us for our reputation and expertise, our reaction is always marked by a special sense of pride. It means that our work is recognized by our peers. 

Eidos, a globally recognized video game developer company, commissioned XYZ Technologies with a project to install and integrate audiovisual equipment for 12 conference rooms.  This mandate was divided into 3 parts: adjusting the acoustic of their conference rooms, modernize their multimedia control system and improve their virtual meeting system. 


Our experts are qualified to handle this type of project, because creating great quality common areas is in XYZ Technologies veins. A great audiovisual experience starts with a great understanding of sound reverberation in different spaces. This requirement was met by completely renovating the installations Eidos had and by adding equipment that allows them to control the acoustic sound in 9 of the 12 conference rooms. 

In addition to the upgrades made by our team, our experts have also changed their rooms control system by introducing a digital tablet that allows them to adjust the sound, lighting and screens. Furthermore, XYZ has helped Eidos transition their conference system from Zoom to Teams rooms. 

The results show how much we believe in our work, since all the modernization objectives were met allowing Eidos to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over a three-year period.  


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control systems
  • Stage design


Equipment supply
Programming and calibration