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Audio system

Ouranos Consortium

Montreal, Quebec, 2017

Formed of a worldwide network of more than 450 researchers and practitioners from different organizations, Ouranos has for mission to increase knowledge about adaptation to climate change in Quebec. In full expansion, the consortium is expanding its relations abroad each year with various international organizations. During videoconferences, the sound quality of communications with different global players no longer matched the needs. Ouranos retained the services of XYZ Technology Cultural to update its sound system for videoconferencing and recording.


XYZ experts have installed a SHURE MXA910 ceiling microphone to ensure optimal audio performance during meetings. The system allows four room configurations, while ensuring continuous sound quality. Discreet, the flat configuration of the microphone takes on the appearance of a standard ceiling tile. The MXA910 is resistant to surrounding dust, thanks to internal mechanical isolation and a firewall system. Its zone configuration software simplifies integration into any audio management system and the device is user-friendly with eight built-in swivel lobes.

The XYZ team delivered an optimal sound solution so that global experts and decision-makers can make concerted decisions in the fight against climate change. The sound quality of meetings is never compromised by the number of speakers or the distance between Ouranos experts and their local and international counterparts.


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