Palava 9D, Living the future

Interactive Experience

9D/VR multisensory immersive experience

Palava, India, 2019

Palava is an integrated smart city developed by one of India’s top real estate companies. Its novel state-of-the-art infrastructure puts residents’ quality of life firstBetween now and 2025, more than 500,000 people will be moving into this next-generation community, featuring a mix of residential, work and recreational spaceswhere everything has been designed to deliver a premium lifestyle. 

Lodha Group hired XYZ Technologies to design and develop a multisensory immersive experience for prospective buyers so they could discover the future city for themselves. The “look and feel” of the environment currently under development is brought to life with this leading-edge sales tool. 

Palava 9D is a world-first. The ultrarealistic system leverages creativity and technology to provide a sneak peek into this true city of the future 


Palava 9D taps into a wide range of emotions and sensations to immerse prospective buyers into an ultrarealistic adventure within this virtual replica of the city.  

The interactive features of the program make uses of four senses – sight, hearing, smell and touch – in this simulated walk-through by boat, foot, golf cart and helicopter. 

A moving seat system synced to a preprogrammed grid developed in collaboration with D-Box, combined with virtual reality headsets, makes it possible to feel the movements on water (boat), through the air (drone and parachute jump) and over land (golf cart). Added to this were scent diffusers, special effects, wind generators and misting devices activated at specific points in the virtual tour to highlight the realism of the immersive experience 

The overall effect needed to capture the truly unique character of Palava. The challenge was to convey the excitement of this futuristic community and make it tangible for potential residents.  

Reproducing the plans for an entire city development in 3D, based on architectural plans and specifications, was also a major feat, as was the technical setup in a relatively small space.  

The Palava 9D experience exceeded the developer’s expectations and the results have been compelling. More than 16,000 people experienced the presentation in the first three months, immediately driving residential sales upward and thereby meeting the client’s primary objective.  


Technical direction
Calibration and programming


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Rigging
  • Control systems
  • Interactivity
  • Stage design