Building Montréal and 1701 – The Great Peace of Montréal

Historical Multimedia Exhibitions

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2017

Building Montréal reveals the remains of the Pointe-à-Callière Museum’s archaeological crypt, including part of the foundations of the city’s fortification walls built in 1744. A lighting installation superimposes elements formerly present at the site, helping to situate the ruins in their original context. 1701 – The Great Peace of Montréal is an interactive exhibition that lets visitors revisit the events leading up to the signing of the peace treaty between the French and 39 Aboriginal nations in 1701. GSM Project’s exhibition designers called on XYZ’s expertise for the technical components of these two exhibitions, with their share of technical challenges.


For Building Montréal, XYZ’s lighting designers, together with the exhibition curators, developed an original and modern solution to light up the museum’s relics. LED strips are used throughout the exhibition to evoke objects from the past (fireplace, stairs, walls, etc.), which spring to life as they are illuminated. XYZ’s specialists programmed the illumination so it lights up section by section as the narration progresses. The resulting light show provides a stunning contrast between the past and the present.

The Great Peace of Montréal is a multimedia animation that echoes an immense glass wall by artist Nicolas Sollogub on the theme of the 1701 peace treaty. XYZ’s team installed and programmed an interactive video screen that takes the visitor through the steps that led to the signing of this historic treaty between the French and First Nations.

Photo credit: Mélanie Guilbault / GSM Project


Technical design
Calibration and programming


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  • Control systems


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