Art, culture and architecture

Multi-Purpose Cultural Space

Quai 5160

Verdun, Quebec, Canada, 2017

The House of Culture of the Verdun Borough of Montreal, Quai 5160, is a multidisciplinary space for municipal dissemination that is part of the Access culture network, which aims to make proposals from artists from all walks of life more accessible to the general public. A true jewel of contemporary architecture, the design of the place was entrusted to the firm Les architectes FABG following an architectural competition held in collaboration with Design Montréal. The City of Montreal has entrusted part of the design and all the audiovisual integration of the building to the experts of XYZ Cultural technology


Quai 5160 is a public complex with several broadcasting venues under one roof: a performance hall with a capacity of 300 seats, a multi-use mediation room, an atrium, an exhibit hall, a conference room and various common areas (bar, ticket office, etc.).

The XYZ team has provided and integrated the entire sound and lighting system for the theatre, atrium and all common areas, as well for general calls across the complex. The team has also integrated the video and dynamic display systems in all locations.

Architectural Design

Les architectes FABG


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Rigging
  • Control systems


Equipment supply
Calibration and programming


City of Montreal


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