Cutting-Edge Multimedia Solutions

Digital Signage and Sound System

Videotron Centre

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 2015

XYZ is a proud contributor in bringing Quebec City’s brand-new multipurpose auditorium to life. The 18,259-seat venue was designed to accommodate a National Hockey League team, which meant that digital display technologies were an important element in the audiovisual infrastructure.


XYZ Cultural Technology successfully developed a 600-screen system that can be easily and efficiently managed from a tablet. The screens’ content display can thus be rapidly updated at all times.

In addition to the IPTV system, XYZ also supplied and installed 800 speakers to provide high-quality audio on a building-wide basis. The Q-Sys control system, used in tandem with CXD-Q amplifiers from QSC, was the first installation of its kind in Canada, featuring independent control over 133 audio zones.

Last but not least, XYZ supplied and installed 8 video projectors to take the energy of a game night to a whole new level.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control systems


Technical design
Equipment provision