UAE Pavillon

Architectural and exhibit lighting

Universal Expo Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 2021

XYZ Technologies is deeply honored and proud to successfully illuminate the iconic UAE pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai. The UAE Pavilion is a three-story high falcon-shaped structure with numerous exhibition areas, an auditorium, and VIP lounges, totaling 15,064 sqm (over 161,000 square feet). To meet the design requirements, XYZ Technologies has unhesitatingly gone to extra mile, and our specialists worked tirelessly to seamlessly deliver this iconic project of national and global significance.

XYZ Technologies was responsible for providing a complete creative and technical turnkey solution for the Exhibition & Landscape Lighting . Working on such a challenging and unique project required in-depth research and development, fabrication, teamwork, and bold creative direction. Wanting to take the design from concept to execution, we invested our time working with the architects, engineers and designers to refine and perfect the system throughout the entire installation. This investment has been worth every moment!


XYZ Technologies managed all technical aspects of the lighting system. The visualization and manufacturing of the rigging supports; the procurement, storage, and logistics of all lighting and installation equipment.

The programming, pre-commissioning and onsite commissioning, and integration with the control system, the lights are programmed to automatically switch on and off every day. Furthermore, the lighting control is both controllable in automated program sequence and in manual mode. The entire pavilion lighting is controlled by the touch device, its custom-built layout control can control all elements of the lighting.

The overall installation is a massive success with the lighting system working flawlessly since installed. We were extremely proud to be involved which such a creative and challenging project.

Extra credit

Joint venture
Acciona Cultura & Empty SL


  • Lighting
  • Rigging
  • Control systems


Technical direction
Technical Development
Equipment supply
Calibration and programming
Operations and maintenance


KDJ & Tellart
Toni Rueda