4, 3, 2, 1… Santé!

Permanent exhibition

The health museum Armand Frappier

Laval, Quebec, Canada, 2023

The health museum Armand Frappier mandated Lupien+Matteau to design the scenography of the new and permanent exhibition 4, 3, 2, 1… Santé! The director of the museum and her content team worked very hard to create fun and approachable content that invites visitors of all ages on a fascinating exploration and learning experience about their own health. Long-time collaborator Lupien+Matteau, mandated XYZ for the conception and production of all the multimedia installations and audiovisual productions and the technical design and installation of all the audiovisual equipment. The goal was to bring an innovative and dynamic aspect to the museum’s user experience. The overall design invites kids and adults alike to discover and learn in an amusing and engaging way about their own health from a molecular, individual, social, and environmental perspective. The multimedia installations needed to spark curiosity and invite a feeling of exploration, leaving visitors with a sense of wonder and excitement. Though the content covers complex topics, how the content was presented had to be welcoming, funny, respectful, and accessible.


Participating in the conception of the overall exhibit design allowed our creative team to propose concepts where multimedia could best serve the content, which significantly influenced the scenography design and the finalized exhibition texts.

We designed interactive silhouettes where visitors learned about our different systems through lighting, sound, and animation. These multimedia integrations come to life through the following scenes:

Under a starry sky, we observe a simulation of a couple’s reproductive system leading up to the birth of a baby, all triggered by a simple button press. A detection system captures visitors’ pulses and triggers a heartbeat animation corresponding to their pulse. The nervous system of a young dancer is consistently stimulated through illuminated pathways activated by pressing a button.

We also created an interactive wall where visitors are called to take positive environmental action to create positive impact for personal health and that of the planet. We produced the exhibition’s video capsules, which feature scientists who share their fascinating work and their expertise, and we guided them throughout to effectively popularize the complex content. We produced funny and dynamic animations that explained the human body’s systems of defense and attack, and we conceptualized and produced touching audio capsules with the stories of people living with a chronic illness.

The technical success of the exhibit design is in its seamless integration of technology into the scenography. Visitors are unaware of just how much technology the exhibit contains. Our technical director worked closely with the in-house creative team, scenographer, and fabricator to ensure an unbroken design that did not interrupt the content but, instead, complemented them.


Design and Scenography

Lupien Matteau

Multimedia design and integration

XYZ Technologies


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control systems
  • Interactivity
  • Stage design


Audiovisual design, scenography and lighting
Project management and technical direction
Programming and calibration