Let’s dance at Lafond Park

Outdoor audio

City of Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2018

The initiative of the Elder-Friendly Municipality (MADA) program led to the inauguration of an outdoor roofed dance floor at Lafond Park. The municipal facility allows seniors and residents to take part in a variety of sports and dance activities. To obtain audio equipment at the cutting edge of technology, the City of Montreal has relied on XYZ Cultural Technology.


The technical team installed loudspeakers, an audio processor and a friendly to use control interface. As this is a multi-users device, class leaders can begin the hassle-free dance lesson. The installation also includes a set of audio players to provide easy control of all functions, from Bluetooth to USB cable. The main challenges of this operation were to find equipment withstanding the weather and supporting intensive use, the dance floor had to meet the criteria of certification for outdoor use.

Neighborhood residents, young and old, now have access to a nearby activity area. The outdoor sports facilities have become a ‘’par excellence’ ’meeting place and a motivation for fitness.


Equipment supply


  • Audio
  • Control systems


City of Montreal


XYZ Cultural Technology