Magical tree at the heart of knowledge

Immersive art installation

University of Guadalajara

Guadalajara Mexico 2018

The Juan José Arreola public library at the University of Guadalajara is full of cultural treasures. First, the bold architecture of the building does not go unnoticed. In addition, the institution is host to the largest book fair in North America. In the center of the library is the Carlos Fuentes bookstore, guarantor of many literary discoveries. In a desire to innovate, the administrators of the university wanted to transform this bookstore into a destination. Their vision was to create a nerve centre for all conference and book-launch events in the form of a digital installation. Working with the new media studio Inside Frame, the experts at XYZ Cultural Technology were commissioned to manufacture and technologically integrate an immense animated structure evoking the physiognomy of a tree.


The XYZ team built a metal frame covered with 55 square meters of LED display surface and programmed the content broadcast of the digital work. All video footage has been designed to visualize the 360 degrees tree. The digital work is animated with colorful butterflies that zigzag seamlessly through 2896 light modules of 18 different sizes. Programming for seamless imaging across the structure was a huge technical challenge for team members.

Like the magnitude of the establishment, the Juan José Arreola Library now has an impressive work in the middle of the Carlos Fuentes bookstore. Taking on the appearance of a lively 3,500,000-pixel fairy tree, the bookstore’s central column attracts visitors at all times and provides an enchanting setting for conferences and special events. This tour de force by XYZ offers the gift of a magical experience to visitors. The team has also equipped the bookstore with two projection rooms to meet the growing needs of the facility.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control systems


Calibration and programming
Technical design
Technical direction
Equipment supply


XYZ Cultural Technology


Inside Frame