Preserve the legacy of Montreal’s kiosks

Outdoor audio system

City of Montreal

Montreal Quebec, Canada, 2018

An authentic historical landmark, the Molson Park Kiosk has created special moments for neighborhood residents. This gathering place has been through the ages, since 1914, when the Molson family sold the land to the City. One of the last three music kiosks built in the early 20th century was too worn down over the years. After a long reflection of the City Council, the kiosk is demolished and rebuilt according to the historical norms of its construction. The City of Montreal subsequently relied on XYZ Cultural Technology’s expertise to integrate a technical control room and an audio management system for the concerts at the heritage kiosk.


Molson Park shows require high-performance equipment that can withstand bad weather. XYZ experts have integrated an audio management processor to create a remote control that connects to the stage. The audio transport system is installed underground and supported by category 5 cables. Given the technical complexity of the project, the main challenge was to find the best solution to respect the nature and historical aspect of the site. The underground network becomes the remedy for this constraint, while remaining discreet and ready to offer memorable performances.

Thanks to the redesign of the historic kiosk, Molson Park retains its primary purpose: to bring communities together. A refurbished board to pursue these beautiful evenings of sharing and partaking in the Rosemont La Petite-Patrie borough.


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City of Montreal


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