XYZ unveils the secrets of Percé Rock in a spellbinding immersive experience

23 June 2016 | Category

Montreal-based XYZ Cultural Technology introduces Tektonik, an exciting multimedia adventure that combines geology, history and new technology in a fun and fascinating way, making Percé Geopark one of Quebec’s must-see destinations for summer 2016

Stopping to listen attentively to millions of years of legends told by the surrounding rock formations, travelling back in time with the mysterious Rock Whisperer and watching as the spectacular Percé Rock emerges on the horizon – all this and more awaits you at Tektonik, an immersive adventure developed by XYZ Cultural Technology for the new experiential pavilion at Percé Geopark. The one-of-a-kind show shines the spotlight on the captivating geological history of the region and the extraordinary beauty of 23 local geosites. It is the ideal opportunity to discover – or rediscover – Percé, a true jewel of the Gaspé Peninsula. Tektonik will premiere on June 24, 2016, and play for audiences every summer, according to the Geopark’s schedule.

Tektonik: Chronicling a unique geological history

“Percé is a geological phenomenon unlike anything else on the planet, but it’s a well-kept secret. Everyone has heard about Percé Rock, but nobody knows that it actually travelled here from the coasts of Africa over the span of millions of years. With Tektonik, people will have the opportunity to delve into an entertaining and enriching experience full of moments of scientific discovery,” explained XYZ partner Jacques Larue. The firm was selected by Geopark’s administration to create Tektonik based on an original script and a series of interactive elements that thrust audiences into the heart of the action and make history come alive for them. The innovations devised by XYZ include an interactive sandbox that lets them explore the layers of the Earth’s crust using state-of-the-art video mapping technology. The 13m x 7m curved wall is another notable technical achievement used to display larger-than-life projections. Every detail has been custom-designed to create a sense of wonder and awe as visitors explore this mesmerizing world.

A top tourist draw for the Gaspé Peninsula this summer

The multimedia experience is part of a concerted effort to re-emphasize the appeal of the Percé area, spearheaded by the Coopérative de solidarité du Géoparc de Percé. Several other new attractions besides Tektonik are making their debut in 2016, including a play area equipped with circus-style nets and a glass walkway over Mont Sainte-Anne. “These original initiatives will encourage Gaspé residents and tourists to rediscover the majestic scenery and compelling geological history of Percé. We are very pleased with the multimedia experience created by XYZ Cultural Technology, which positions the Geopark as a destination of choice for visitors and locals alike,” said Cathy Poirier, chair of the Geopark’s board of directors.

About XYZ Cultural Technology

XYZ Cultural Technology is a fertile breeding ground for exploration and creation. Since 2006, the Montreal-based company has been developing high-quality immersive, interactive and narrative experiences that have enthralled, enchanted and enlightened audiences around the world. Its diverse body of work includes content for museums, interpretative facilities, immersive environments, concert halls and custom-built audiovisual solutions. XYZ’s impressive client roster includes the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, the Lodha Group in India, and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and Eaton Centre in Montreal.

About Percé Géopark

The Geopark is an independent organization run by the Coopérative de solidarité du Géoparc de Percé, representing a number of Percé-area tourism operators dedicated to providing visitors with a constantly renewed lineup of activities to enjoy.