Museum Technologies

In the last twenty years, museums have seen a real digital revolution. New technologies have radically transformed the way information is communicated. The visitor is no longer a passive receiver of information, he can now provide feedback and even become part of an artistic installation. This new way of conceiving the modes of communication in the museum experience (interactivity, gamification, etc.) makes it possible to respond adequately to the objectives of transmitting content defined by the commissioners. Our motivation is to help you find the technological tools adapted to each installation and to maximize their potential.

The new media opens the door to customized and enriched experiences. Digital tablets and touch screens enhance the content shown without adding to the scenography of the course. Lighting, sound and video are now part of a museum experience. They serve to establish an atmosphere in synergy with the scenography. We excel in integrating discrete audiovisual elements, which enhance the museum experience and leave room for the subject.

Our experts can accompany you in the integration of technological elements, realize an immersive experience in an exhibition or design a customized interpretive journey, always putting forward our objectives: to gather, to move and to transmit.

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